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One of the things we pride ourselves on is being proactive in addressing client concerns, foreseeing and tackling challenges before they surface. In the past 36 months, especially during the post-Covid recovery phase, clients from various industries have expressed frustration in finding reliable and long-term staff. This widespread issue highlights the struggle businesses face in recruiting candidates who are a good fit for their roles and their company culture.

UseVerb emerges as a solution to this unanticipated challenge, offering a comprehensive response to a problem that many clients had yet to recognise. By facilitating timely and personalised interactions, UseVerb serves as a conduit for businesses to engage with potential candidates in a relatable manner, fostering a mutual understanding of each other’s suitability.

In essence, UseVerb streamlines the hiring process, rendering it more precise and expedient – a development which will excite small business owners.

Affiliate Special Offering
UseVerb is designed for forward-thinking businesses looking to get the competitive edge in the market, and we are very happy to support them in doing so by offering an exclusive 50% discount on the Premium Company Package as an affiliate. Please use our special code when signing up to take advantage of this offering – DELMONTINSURANCE.


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