Why small businesses use an insurance broker?

Small business often starts with an idea, a dream. It slowly builds into a plan with small steps turning into strides. There is so much to love about running your own business, the challenge, the friendships, the rewards. However, failing to plan for risks along the way could be your downfall. 

We understand, we know your time is better spent elsewhere, that is why we love partnering with new and growing small businesses. A good insurance broker will; get to know your business, help you understand the risks and advise on how best to minimise and protect against them, and be your best claims advocate. Most importantly, they will be one of your biggest assets as you grow.

Understand your business risk

With access to a suite of risk management tools, an insurance broker will review your business and provide an assessment and advice on your risk exposures, often (especially newer businesses) this is the first time you might learn about potential risks to your business. Armed with a greater understanding you can plan for any event, helping reduce those sleepless nights.  

Let us make your life simple

Let’s face it, you are already so busy running your business, you don’t have time to start reading insurance wordings or negotiating a better deal with insurers. Insurance brokers are constantly reviewing the market and in contact with insurers, this means they keep up to date with insurer appetites and products in the market. They will take the information gathered from your business and approach the best insurers who fit your requirements, presenting back the best value options. If this is done right, you will be asking, is that all I have to do?

Your Claims Advocate

We hope not, but if something occurs and you need to make a claim your insurance broker will step in and manage your claims process for you. Providing advice, updates and negotiating on your behalf, they will ensure you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

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